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listen, you'll hear it

mom enters the room. looks at jessie's desk to find  old pieces of raisin bread laying on top of a coffee mug.

mom (annoyed): jesus. what's with this bread here? can i take this away?
jessie laughs as mom picks up the half-eaten bread.
mom (laughing): i'll tell ya, you're an animal. you're the biggest animal i've ever seen.

i don't know why i made that into a play-type-format. maybe i wanted to convey just how funny i thought it was.

okay, so, i slept like 2 hours last night. bad move. i had to write a biography on woody allen, and i did, at 9 am. so i'm fucking exhausted  but i'm laboring to stay awake, and i'm going to use you, lj. i'm going to make this the most interactive post EVER. (watch, no one will comment.)

first: the test

(this will be the third of the omg-i'm-self-referential tests. what can i say? i'm pathetic.)

1. i'm on my way to take a test, but in the process, i trip and fall i will most likely
a. cry
b. get really embarassed and pretend that nothing happened
c. believe that i will now do poorly on the upcoming test

2. when i fly, which beverage do i need to get and why?
a. peach snapple--it's my favorite
b. tomato juice--it's a superstition
c. perrier--i want to feel sophisticated

3. my potential post secret includes
a. a suicide
b. a fruit
c. a threat

4. sometimes, at restaurants or starbucks, when they request my name, i go by this pseudonym
a. rebecca
b. lola
c. jane

5. typically, when i'm sad, i want to
a. eat
b. sleep
c. shop

6. a pet-peeve of mine is
a. coughing
b. soft-talking
c. crying

7. i save certain aim conversations, why?
a. they're too wonderful to erase
b. they're most likely painful and i want to be able to reread them
c. i don't save aim conversations

8. the following is a mock conversation between me and a friend:
friend: i love liver--espeically with onions
me: ew!
i responded like this because
a. i hate liver
b. i have never tried that, though, it sounds disgusting
c. when i was small, my mother force-fed me liver until i vomited--which is why i now have a vomit phobia.

9. i'm most scared i'll end up
a. alone
b. a house-wife
c. divorced

10. in high school, which class did i believe i was most committed to
a. journalism
b. mr johnston's
c. ceramics

okay. well, that was important. but i think it's pretty easy. anyway, i also went to see the decemberists' concert last weekend. it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g; jordan and i were RIGHT next to the stage. i touched colin! omg. i TOUCHED him. (...ew) and, here's the crazy-ass video of them doing some russian dancing!

the next few weeks will surely be crazy. i have the acts on saturday--i've never felt more pathetic than when i take standardized tests. and then, my brother comes home! then, finals :(.

but, soon, it'll all be over!! and i am so ridiculously excited about that!

-jessie mr kool heyman
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